3rd Petrochemical Conclave

Petrochemicals - Global Trends and Opportunities
7th February 2014

The Leela, Ambience Gurgaon Hotel & Residences,
Gurgaon, Delhi (NCR), India

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  1. IndianOil: Emphatic Strides Towards Petrochemicals Growth in the Country
    Mr. S. Mitra, Executive Director (Petrochemicals), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., New Delhi

  2. Advent of Shale Gas - Impact on Global Downstream Polymers
    Mr. Shahrin Ismaiyatim, Chief Content Officer, The Petrochemical Standard (TPS), London, England

  3. Petrochemical Scenario Across Continents : What is Happening in the World of Polypropylene?
    Mr. Sanjay Moolji, Global Product Manager, Tricon Energy Ltd., Houston, USA

  4. Polyester Value Chain – Challenges Ahead
    Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Managing Director, IHS Consulting, Middle East & India

  5. Surfactants – Global Markets & Trends
    Mr. Neil A. Burns, Managing Partner, Neil A. Burns LLC, Freehold, USA

  6. Methanol to Olefins
    Mr. Joseph Gregor, MTO Commercialization Programme Director, UOP LLC

  7. Technologies for Conversion of Unconventional & Renewable Feedstocks
    Mr. Philip Hill, Project Manager, Conversion Technology Centre, BP

  8. Fuelling India – With TCX Ethanol Technology
    Mr. Peter O. Broussard, Vice President, Business Strategy and Development - Asia Pacific, Celanese

  9. Propylene Derivatives & Its Challenges – Technology Options
    Mr. Toshiaki Ozaki, Deputy General Manager, Oxo Alcohols and Acrylates Department, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

  10. Application of Geo Synthetics in Road Sector
    Mr Satish Naik, CEO, Best Geotechnics Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

  11. Usage of Geo Synthetics in Ground Improvement and Soil Stabilization
    Mr. V. V. Vaishampayan, Managing Director, Sohams Foundation Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

  12. Global Trends in Geo Synthetics for the Hydrocarbon Industry
    Mr. Shahrokh P. Bagli, Chief Technology Officer, Strata Geosystems (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

  13. Innovative Polymers
    Mr. Darin L. Dotson, Chief Chemist, Milliken & Co.

  14. Rethinking Xylenes Production via Toluene Methylation
    Mr. Joseph C. Gentry, Director, Global Licensing, GTC Technology US LLC

  15. LyondellBasell’s Response to Changing Interregional Feedstock Economics
    Mr. Martijn Vogelzang, Sales Director Licensing and Technical Services, LyondellBasell

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