The Indian Petrochemical Industry, besides playing a crucial role in meeting the daily needs of the common man, has supported nation building by significantly contributing to industrial and economic growth of the nation. The industry has key linkages with sevrel other downstream industries such as automative, consumer durabtes, engineering, food processing, textile, paints etc.

The Sector is a vital constitution of the Indian economy and the industry is curruntly passing through a phase of metamorphosis, from basic but high volume polymers to niche and low volume speciality products, by adopting latest nano and green technologies.

This fast growing and vibrant industry is poised for further sustained growth, espacially in view of the “eastern drift” of the manufacturing sector of the industry. Despite significant growth, the petrochemical industry needs focused attention on huge unrealized potential for further growth and development to bridge the gap between demand and supply, thereby enhancing per captial consumption in the country.

In view of this, we propose to host a Breakout Session titled “Redefining Sustainability – 2016 & Beyond; A Common Future, A Common Path” to identify the challenges and path forward for a sustainable petrochemical industry

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